What if I told you?

What if I told you I died today?

My life never flashed before my eyes. I slowly gave my soul away until I had nothing left.

What if I told you I did it all knowingly, without coercion and without a second thought?

In a world of ongoing terror, divisive societies and chaotic turmoil, I did not seek solace in my family. I waged war on those closest to me. I broke hearts, destroyed unbreakable bonds and chose to seek refuge with strangers.

I rejected compassion, love and mercy. I embraced deceit, betrayal, and malevolence.

What if I told you I am oblivious to this happening?

I’m never wrong. I insult others for telling me how much they love me. I lie to gain sympathy.

What if I told you I died today and am very much alive?

I know myself inside and out and have no idea who I am. I feel deserted and am surrounded. I am desperately hated because of suffocating love.

What if I told you I’m someone you knew?

What if I told you I’m you?