I’m Thank Full

We’ve all seen the posts consuming our News Feed’s for the last 12 days. They show up every day like clock work. They are all a different variation of the same thing in different orders from our “friends.”

People are thankful. We get it.

But doesn’t it seem a bit disingenuous after a while? Now, before you go off and say I’m a horrible, unthankful Grinch, let me explain. The posts that people make which describe things, people, items, etc, that they are thankful for are the same things everyone else mentions. For instance, we all see the “I’m thankful for my family” posts. To me, it’s all cliché.

We’re all thankful for our family. And our opportunities.  And our children and spouses. And our health. And our friends, etc, etc, etc. But beyond all that common obscurity, what are some things you’re REALLY thankful for?

I’m thankful that the homeless man I saw today has a warm place to go tonight. I’m thankful for the huge smile on his boney face brought on after a more-fortunate Samaritan’s gift of warm food. I’m thankful that at least for one split second, evidence of sheer joy was shown to the world through that smile.

With that in perspective, I’m not going to post about how I’m thankful for the aforementioned obscurities. That goes unsaid. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have even just a fraction of the moments I’ve been afforded in life. I’m thankful I have a common luxury of being able to tell my “friends” and “followers” across the globe what I’m doing at any given second of any day from hitting a few buttons on the tiny device in the palm of my hand. We take the opportunity to half-heartedly post what we’re “thankful” for to “friends” we haven’t spoken to in years for granted.

My limit is full on the “thankful” posts. I’m thank full.

Forget just recognizing every day this month: recognize every single day what you’re truly grateful for and appreciate it with everything you have.

Now, back to Day 12 of News Feed obscurities.

[intentionally blank] 


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