Half-heartedly Hypocritical

I often criticize those who do things “half-assed” or who don’t give it their all. In fact, I often say,

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

This new blogging adventure of mine is probably one of those things that I should “do right.” But, who am I kidding?

With the writing I do daily for a very necessary bi-weekly paycheck, my excruciatingly popular extra-curricular social calendar (which consists mostly of my couch, sports and mini-Dachshund) and the my rigorous workout schedule that I always sometimes almost never adhere to, this blog is unfortunately nothing more than a secondary “if I get to it” task that will be hopefully I’ll get around to on an almost daily basis. And, yes. This makes me half-heartedly hypocritical.

Rest assured. The however-so-frequent posts will not disappoint and make not a liar of the blog’s eloquent and detailed title and description. (AKA: meaningless.)

Anything worth doing IS worth doing right. However often you do it, that is. And however often I do this and post my mindless ramblings and regurgitated thoughts and opinions is my prerogative and it promises to be six shades of sexy. However sexy a picture the word “regurgitated” can paint.

You’re still reading this. BOOM.

Hook. Line. And sinker.

Stay Tuned, Mighty Blogosphere.

[intentionally blank]


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